Wednesday, July 4, 2007

HOT HONEYMOONS - San Antonio Living Show


San Antonio couples want


sizzling hot

that desire burns bright,

day & night ...

In the 40s- 50s Niagara Falls was Honeymoon Central.

In the 60s-70s it was all about Hawaii and Las Vegas.

In the 80s it was Grand Cayman, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen. In the 90s the Bahamas did the trick.

In the new millennium, however, today's couples are more sophisticated and a bit more world-travel-savvy. They are more likely to be on a beach in Thailand or hanging out in Bali or Bora Bora. Making out in artsy cafes in Prague. Snorkeling in Nicaragua. Making love in Morocco. Sure, this kind of couple has just spent a mint on a wedding, but they still don't mind dropping big bucks at fine hotels in the most romantic traditional places in Europe: London, Paris, Venice, Rome.

Of course not everyone can afford to go abroad, and some don't need high thread-count sheets and all that fru-fru stuff. Adventuresome travelers tend to like something different, more exciting, weird and wonderful, even, and places that are more private/secluded. They don't mind roughing it, but they aren't opposed to a nice bed either. They're willing to try something new. Raft trips into the Grand Canyon. Houseboats on a lake.

Then there are the rest of us--people who don't have the combined salaries of a San Antonio Spur and a Desperate Housewife, like Tony and Eva--regular Joes who can't afford more than a weekend getaway, just a couple hours from SA, or a pina colada-package deal at a Mexican beach resort. But, hey, we deserve a fab honeymoon too!

So for this lucky 7/7/7 segment for SA Living, we've come up with seven ideas for a great honeymoon. Here are TODAY'S GROOM magazine's top honeymoon picks, from the most expensive and exciting to the most simple and sublime ...

Expensive but Mind-Blowingly Wonderful:

Exciting/Unusual - Unforgettable

Just plain romantic - and a whole lot less expensive than travel abroad